“I have been in your seminars and you really are an unforgettable speaker. You connect so well with your audience that made me feel that I am the only one in the audience.” Emilio Rodriguez, Professional Spanish Interpreter


“Before working with Michele I had the vision of what I wanted to do and now I see it is really possible. She believed in me before I believed in myself. I could share anything without judgment.

I have a lot of visions… big visions and Michele dreamed big with me and didn’t try to tell me to get realistic. She believed with me and a lot of people in general don’t do that. Typically, the first thing people tell you is you can’t do it. Instead, she helped me to look for ways I could.

Michele can hold a big vision yet at the same time be practical in helping me do strategic planning to get there.

She had an unlimited amount of patience and understanding during the worst time of my life. Michele was there to listen and allowed me to be who I am and needed to be during the grieving process without feeling rushed. I never felt I needed to hide how I was really feeling. She helped me stay on track during the biggest transition in my life. Allowing me to be who I am to process during my grieving has been really important. Her comfort level with my emotions made me able to express them and feel them.”

Stephanie McDilda, Founder of Flashpoint International; Chief Operations Officer of Roving Coach International


“When Michele and I started working together, I was at a point of transition and needing to set a new direction. I wanted to be clear and decisive about it. She supported me in going deeper in assessing the options both from a practical business perspective as well as from a spiritual perspective.

Initially, I went into the coaching thinking about a set of pros and cons with each option that were pretty broad ranging and made it hard to think through it. Probably the single most prominent change is that Michele asked me in many ways the question, “What do I want?” I find myself asking that question about things that might seem immaterial to really big things. Michele provided the opening to the freedom to ask the question and the realization that it is very relevant.

I now have the clarity regarding what is next for me and a specific action plan to get there.”

Anne Doss, Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank


“Michele helped me narrow in on what I really wanted. She stood with me, compassionately, holding a space for me to come up with ideas for myself. I cannot recommend her enough! She is one of those rare, nonjudgmental people, open to being with you where you at and helping you facilitate your journey along it’s path.”

Joy Dupois, Entrepreneur and Owner of RawRah –
Almost Completely Raw


“As a Life Coach, Michele provided a “tipping point” in my life. Instead of becoming stuck in a perpetual cycle of anxiety-driven fear of not being able to support myself as a single mother, Michele had me see what an opportunity I had in front of me. Her subtle, compassionate nature and ability to listen without filling the air with empty conversation really had an impact on me. I highly recommend Michele for anyone who needs to reset their expectations, get a little guidance in what direction to take and/or for folks who just need a sounding board for any life decisions we all struggle with from time to time.”

Christina Woollen, Chief Operating Officer of OneLittleBox